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Pure Cross Training is a global ministry designed to raise an army of Christian Warriors through a learning process (online courses), platform events (speaking, artist), and group events (mud runs, affiliate competitions, etc...). We have a built in ranking structure which is a unique way to work hard to complete the material and become very knoledgable. Also, we connect with affiliate locations to interact on a more community level. Our journal is full of insightful, up-to-date, revelant Christian information. Stay connected with our newsletter. --->

Mission: Prepare Christian Warriors through Physical Preparedness, Faithful Discipleship and Spiritual Unity. Seek God, Train Smart, Work Hard, and Never Give Up!

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Zone Nutrition (Basics)

Written by Chris Rountree. Posted in Health & Fitness

zone diet
Experts talk about and review the Zone Guilde (designed by Barry Sears) for proper nurtition. Dr. Barry Sears  gives introduction and information on the Zone. Matt Chan describes how the zone is applied to Crossfit and general fitness.

Dr. Barry Sears - Intro


Matt Chan - Relation to Crossfit Athletes



Here are some keys to the Zone Diet. Remember, this diet is a baseline and variations of this come with time and experiment. Each body is different, and require different percentages of protien, carbs and fats.
1 Block = 7g Protien, 9g Carbs, 1.5g Fat
Caculate your level:
    » Current Weight: BW
    » Find your current Body Fat%: BF
    » Find Lean Muscle Mass: (BW X BF)/100 = Lean Mass = LM
    » Define your activity level: AL
         1 Workout/Day = .7
         2 Workouts/Day = .8
         3 Workouts/Day = .9
         4+ Workouts/Day = 1
    » Plug in the formula: ( LM X AL)/7 = # Blocks/Day
Workout Recovery:
    » Protien: .2g - .4g/kg of BW (approx 3 Blocks)
    » Carb: .4g - .8g/kg of BW (approx 4 Blocks)
        Best to take within 30 min post Workout in liquid form
Reccommended Supplements:
    » Fish Oil: 10g/Day of EPA/DHA
    » Vitiman C: 1000mg - 2000mg/Day
    » Vitiman D: 5000IU/Day (unless 40% body exposure for 20 min/Day)
    » Creatine: 2.5g Pre/Post (read Label) with 1 month Cycles to increase strength
Other Notes:
    » Eat meals 1-2 hours before workout to level insulin

Shawn Mininger - Motivation

Written by Chris Rountree. Posted in Health & Fitness

Shawn has been with Pure Cross Training for a few months now and seeing awesome results! He is a motivated and hard working WARRIOR!!! Think you have what it takes to be a Christian Warrior?